Monday, August 27, 2007

Creating Keepsakes ROCKS!

I had the opportunity this weekend to work as a teaching assistant to Jessica Sprague at Creating Keepsakes University in Nashville, TN. It was an absolute BLAST, let me tell you! I've never attended a CKU, but I've got friends who had, so I had a clue what to expect - but WOW. Blow me away. The staff for the event worked amazingly hard, and everything ran amazingly smoothly. But the highlight of the day was Jessica herself!She was gracious and generous from the beginning to the end of the day. She never missed an opportunity to point out and thank the teaching assistants, even mentioning where I sold and that I taught classes too! I learned more just seeing her in action than I could have imagined. She's a seasoned teacher, and has the patience of a saint, let me tell ya!

She has online classes HERE, and sells her tutorials at Designer Digitals HERE - check her out, I'm sure you will be as impressed as I. Her BLOG is just full of great information - read through the archives when you have time.

Just for you, dear readers, I'm passing on the same coupon I was handing out to students in class on Saturday:Just so y'all know, my dear friend Dede made this cool kitty card for me, and got me into this great adventure! (If you see her in a crop, ask her why it's all her fault!!)

Have a great week everyone - see you in the chatroom!


twilsonjeter said...

Jennifer! So awesome to meet and work with you on Saturday! I had so much fun!!

Jennwhite said...

hey thanks Tabatha, you were such a trooper - can't imagine how you did all DAY, never mind all weekend! I h ope we get to work together again, it was a blast!